Signs of Littermate Syndrome Many experts and organizations in a position to know (for example, animal behaviorists, dog trainers, and rescue professionals), discourage dog guardians from acquiring puppy littermates. Littermate syndrome can be serious if you’re not experienced with raising dogs and don’t work with a dog trainer. I also have OFA hips/elbows/patellas done and eyes were done 2019. This piqued my interest and was met with some skepticism as it was something that I had never come across in my years of study and practice in the field of veterinary behaviour. According to Dr. Karen Becker “Anecdotal evidence suggests that behavioral issues may arise during key development periods because the two puppies’ deep bond impedes their individual ability to absorb and grasp the nuances of human and canine communication.” Sadly, the AKC is just an organization that breeders (including puppy mills) purchase pieces of paper from that says they’ve registered their puppies as “AKC registered”. This means that I use Embark DNA to test against 180+ genetic diseases to ensure that I am not breeding two recessive carriers together to prevent any possible diseases in my puppies. Littermate syndrome: The pups are fighting . I thought it was great, so I'm sharing it. Dealing with Behavioral Problems Like most behavioral problems in dogs, there are many tactics you can use to prevent and lessen the effects of littermate syndrome. Because aggression is so often fear-based, these pups may become aggressive or “spooky.” Or they may simply seem to remain distant, detached. Raising a puppy takes a lot of time and energy, regardless of how you go about it. Littermate Syndrome isn’t a 50/50 proposition if you’re ready. These littermates are dependent on each other and suffer severe separation anxiety. Now facing the wake up call of littermate syndrome, we have read posts here and articles online on how to tackle it. Littermate syndrome is the acquiring of two (2) puppies from the same litter that often leads to them becoming very aggressive to eachother down the road, placing family members in harms way. Most experts strongly advise against raising sibling puppies -- because they may become difficult to handle as they mature due to Littermate Syndrome. Dealing with littermate syndrome is very difficult, but it can be done. As we mentioned previously, related pups tend to fight MORE than unrelated ones and these little tussles can get quite heated. Of course not every pair of litter mates falls victim to Littermate Syndrome but it is a risk. The most common definition is that it is when two puppies from the same litter are raised together and develop a bond with each other that prevents the puppies from bonding with the owner. I have successfully raised two sets of littermates and have not witnessed or experienced littermate syndrome. “Littermate syndrome” is based on anecdotal evidence that often two siblings adopted together bond intensely with each other, to the exclusion of their human family. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone. If you do adopt two dogs from the same litter, there are some things you can do to ward off littermate syndrome: Schedule separate outings: To ensure that pups are looking to you for guidance instead of each other, take them to separate puppy classes, on separate car rides and on separate walks. We give away dog toys, gear, gift cards & more every month! An owner should know that preventing littermate syndrome doesn’t just double their workload, but rather triples it. You’re confused about what sibling syndrome is. Littermate Syndrome: A Tater Tot Case Study - Duration: 12:00. How to deal with littermate syndrome. Littermate Syndrome: 2 Small Pups, 1 BIG Problem (What Is It & How To Fix It) 27 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Dog (The ULTIMATE Guide) Want FREE Stuff? Even though it’s not a guarantee this will happen, you need to be prepared to take steps in preventing littermate syndrome you so if you plan to adopt two puppies from the same litter. These common problems, which I'll describe below, stem from improper socialization during a puppy's crucial first 6 months. The Dunbars explain what you should expect when you get more than one puppy at once. It might seem cute at first but it can have serious psychosocial implications down the road. They’ll have to train with each dog individually, and then together. Raising Two Puppies - Q & A's with Dr Katrina - Duration: 1:45. Is Littermate Syndrome real? It's more difficult than it seems. My adults are fully health tested. Bringing a new puppy home is an amazing experience that will change your life, but some breeders may try and encourage you to take a littermate also. What Is Littermate Syndrome? 1. 12:00. In some cases, littermate syndrome makes it incredibly difficult to train the puppies because they don’t respond positively to anyone other than their sibling. Most professionals recommend getting just one puppy at once. Littermate syndrome can be managed, but it is a lot of work. Last week we decided to try to sell one of them but we could not bring ourselves to part with her. The premise of littermate syndrome is that it is harder to train and socialize two pups at one time and that they should be made independent of each other or there will be problems when they are separated. It impacts puppies of roughly the same age, the puppies don’ have to be siblings, despite the name. Problems such as their individuality would be lost, and there would not be a bond between dog and owner but a bond between dog and dog. Littermate Syndrome is the name given to the common behavioral problems that arise when two puppies are raised together beyond the typical 10-12 weeks (about 3 months of age) that professional breeders recommend.. At that time we had not heard of littermate syndrome. Some people would be able to handle such a commitment of two puppies, but littermates can come with a whole set of challenges you may not be expecting. But not because of any syndrome (which sort of places the responsibility of the problems on the dogs) but because of my own limitations. These puppies seek comfort from each other, not you. I found out about littermate syndrome after we had lost both dogs to old age - and finally understood why our younger dog never fully grew into himself. Littermate syndrome often … Littermate syndrome affects dogs over 8-10 weeks of age, which is typically when young puppies join their forever homes. Littermate syndrome can be managed, but it is a lot of work. I know lots of people who could raise two puppies at once (and some have). Remember that littermate syndrome is not a dog simply acting out. (And Exclusive Tips We ONLY Share With Subscribers) Thank you! Responsible breeders rarely allow litter mates to go to the same home. Dr Katrina Warren 18,942 views. I want to run what we have done by you and solicit your feedback and wisdom. Dachshunds, Terriers, Border Collies, and Shepherds are often cited as having a high propensity for littermate syndrome, but there is no clear scientific evidence that certain breeds experience littermate syndrome more or less than other breeds. You can find the original here: Littermate Syndrome | Paws Abilities _________________ Getting two dogs at the same time seems like a great idea. What Is Littermate Syndrome? Other issues cited are escalating aggression between the puppies or panic when they are separated. Remember that littermate syndrome is not a dog simply acting out. Littermate syndrome is when two puppies adopted from the same litter give more attention to each other than their adopted family. Littermate syndrome. ,What happens when you get more than one puppy at the same time? One thing that we should note is that you will want to be careful when your pups start fighting. An owner should know that preventing littermate syndrome doesn’t just double their workload, but rather triples it. First, what is littermate syndrome? They’ll have to train with each dog individually, and then together. I also know many people have and are raising littermates that are happy, healthy, well-socialized dogs. Are you thinking about getting two puppies at the same time? Below is an article written by my trainer on littermate syndrome. Littermate syndrome is behavioral change in puppies that occurs when pups bond more tightly with each other than with their owners. The hallmark behavioral problem of littermate syndrome is fearfulness of people and often other dogs, which leads to training hurdles. Littermate Syndrome is something I have reserached a lot, as it is something I have come across multiple times. I have recently been alerted to the term “Littermate Syndrome” which seems to have become common parlance and a kind of pseudo-diagnosis in some dog behaviour circles. Littermate syndrome is a social 'disorder' characterized by intensive bonding of two littermates to the extent of excluding most animals and people out of their own social circle. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Littermate syndrome can take toll on a family, especially with kids. It is also important to note that not every pair of siblings will develop this problem. But I'd say more often than not it doesn't go well, especially with pet owners. You You 1,532 views. YES! Raising two puppies at once takes much, much more work. Puppies with littermate syndrome often suffer from intense separation anxiety when apart; conversely, one of the two may be dangerously aggressive toward the other. Littermate Syndrome is a real thing and it can cause major issues for both the pups and for you. I will say I have had dog trainer friends raise littermates together without an issue on multiple occasions, so it can be done. Littermate Syndrome is more than just double the puppy trouble when it comes to raising sibling puppies.

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