In the beauty community there isn’t many bloggers who haven’t heard of it and I think I am one of the few who hasn’t tried it. If it looks ok then it probably is but I won't testify that in court. I used my faithful tanning mitt which I won’t tan without! This is a 360 degree spray, which makes it nice when applying as you’re able to turn the bottle upside-down to apply to your back if needed. 3. Add. You’ll probably need to apply this one at least 4 times a week, which is a lot. After product has already been applied to the body, apply to face, but mix with moisturizer to dilute color. Yes I have tried some you can pick up in Boots (L’Oreal, Boots own, Superdrug Own etc) but have always found them pretty poor to be honest and avoided them like the plague after. google_ad_width = 468; For best results, we recommend letting your tan develop 6-8 hours. I left it on for 2 and a … I tried applying my st moritz tan with a stippling brush and it came out perfect. I had to go back with a tanning mitt and blend the product in. Application was much like other tanning mousses I have used. After this time, shower off the guide color with lukewarm water. St.Tropez Self Tan contains a higher concentration of the tanning agent (DHA), which provides a natural looking tan that lasts up to 5 days after just one application. 200ml. These products usually last 12 months after opening. During this time, avoid any contact with water, perspiring or applying any other products to the skin. Self Tanning For Men: Here’s How To Do It Right! After testing out the St. Moriz Self Tanning Mist, I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. For a long time mousse formula’s were my favourite, they’re easy to apply and dry quickly so you can hop into bed 5 minutes later without worrying about smudging. By bargain, I mean absolute STEAL. The tan will develop over 4-6 hours. Availability. So to show you how wearable the tan is out, here is a couple of pictures of me wearing the tan. Once applied you can wash the tan off after just 1 hour, but for a deeper long lasting tan leave on your skin for up 8 hours. So it’s an average self tanner in my opinion. That was fun to clean up…NOT!