[14] During these chapters, Hoshino decided to hide Allen by having him dress like clown who works in the streets. As a result, Hoshino made a minor design change and rearranged the scar Mana's Akuma placed on his forehead in a berserker state; by having the scar show more clearly, Allen's disturbance about his love for Mana was more clearly expressed. Physical Prowess: Due to his Innocence being largely used for close combat, Allen is noted to be above normal human standards in terms of physical fitness, making him able to perform in seemingly physically impossible workouts[1] and hold back Akuma attacks that are known to take out walls. 29] When Allen leaves the group to save a traitor from the Black Order,[ch. [57] Todd Douglass Jr. of DVD Talk wrote that the character's use of the anti-Akuma weapon might seem clichéd; he found its anime depiction entertaining. [22], The third light novel reveals Allen was born with a deformed left arm caused by the effects of a rare object known as Innocence. At their greatest, the Noah Family will have fourteen members, including the Earl of Millennium who leads them. She states that despite his peaceful demeanor, Allen often shows angry mannerism when fighting, which allowed her to relate with the character. [71], Allen's voice actors have also been reviewed. She designed Allen's clothing to resemble that of the nineteenth century, giving him a ribbon tie and other accessories to make him appear gentlemanly. 182, 184], During a fight against the Noah, Allen betrays his superiors by freeing Kanda and the Akuma of his friend Alma Karma. [67] In the next volume, Chris Kirby, also of The Fandom Post, was impressed by Allen's possession by Nea. Allen received the cursed scar from Mana, who lashed out and cut Allen's face when he realized Allen had brought him back as an Akuma. Sighing at Allen's request, Tyki threw his cigarette on the ground and stamped it out. [48] Tom Tonhat of Escapist magazine called Allen a "good lead character". 3] Although most of his colleagues assume he is ageing normally, one of his enemies Nea D. Campbell, who later possesses his body, suspects he may be growing younger.[ch. Nea stated that not only his face had changed but also his memories were lost. He wasn't sure if it was the memory of Cross's debts or if he was still under the weather from his transformation. Allen begins going through the Noah transformation and receives the help of unlikely friends. To do so he uses magic incantations that come to his mind from the fourteenth memory when he wishes to control the ark. Allen Walker (Japanese: アレン・ウォーカー, Hepburn: Aren Wōkā) is a fictional character who appears as the protagonist of the manga D.Gray-man by Katsura Hoshino. This article is about a fictional manga character. View Allen Walker’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. [34] The character was voted the 17th-best male character in an Anime News Network poll,[35] and was 46th in a 2016 Animage poll of top 100 anime characters for his role in Hallow. The transformations she has shown so far include: Human disguise: By altering her body shape, height, face and color skin she can transform into whoever she wants, using this as a disguise to deceive acquaintainces of the person. Allen Walker is a demigod and for some unfathomable reason Mikk, god of pleasure and desires, absolutely loves it to send him on stupidly dangerous quests. [5], Allen's origins are not revealed in the manga but instead in the third light novel by Kaya Kizaki who felt the need to reread the original D.Gray-man manga in order to understand Allen's characterization. Allen drawing the Sword of Exorcism for the first time. Allen's valediction with Lenalee in Hallow has been described as one of the season's best scenes because of the way it was directed, noting Allen's growth and the apparent romantic tone between both characters. [50] Critics have noted Allen's interactions with other characters during the series. The Blue Lantern Corps is a fictional organization appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, beginning in 2007 in Green Lantern vol. Allen's clothing is drawn from Hoshino's general impression of the late 19th century; his ribbon tie and other accessories are intended to project a "gentlemanly image". 7] With his new colleagues, he goes on missions to recover other lost Innocences. Since Hoshino wanted the Order and its enemies to have visual contrast, she gave Allen and the Exorcists black cloaks to convey a "gloomy" impression. 4 #25 (December 2007) by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver. "Cross Stand") and destroys Mana. All humans on Earth are the descendants of Noah and his family, who survived the Great Flood and populated the Earth once more. In addition to the character's appearances in the anime series D.Gray-man and its sequel D.Gray-man Hallow, he has appeared in three light novels, two video games and several crossover fighting games. Merchandise featuring Allen's likeness, including plush dolls, figurines, clothing and cosplay pieces, has been offered. 222], In addition to appearing in the manga and anime series, Allen is a playable character in two D.Gray-man video games. [18], For its anime sequel, D.Gray-man Hallow, Kobayashi was replaced with Ayumu Murase. Allen tossed around on the ground, writhing in pain, trying not to scream in agony, as he did not want others to hear his torment. Allen uses an object called Innocence to fight demons known as Akuma. In Chapter 219, Nea successfully took over Allen's body in the presence of the Millennium Earl. Allen Walker is a former Exorcist of the religious organization known as the Black Order, as well as a Noah. [53], Allen's abilities were described as "rather inspired" by Michael Aronson of Manga Life magazine. "I'm sorry there, force of habit." 203] Two Noahs and Link rescue Allen, making the Order believe he has betrayed them.[ch. [4] Michael Marr of Capsule Computers also enjoyed Haberkorn's work and agreed with Morales that it is as appealing as Kobayashi's. 4:72] The series' title D.Gray-man is intended to have several meanings, most referring to the state of Allen and the other main characters.[vol. Will Allen continue on with the people he has known and trusted for years, or will he seek a new path? 8, 19] Allen and four other exorcists are sent to locate and protect Cross.[ch. ", "D.Gray-man 神の使徒達 (ディー・グレイマン イノセンスのしとたち) [ニンテンドーDS]", "Saint Seiya, D.Gray-man Stars Join J-Stars Victory Vs. Game", "Shinkai's 'your name.,' Kabaneri Win Top Newtype Anime Awards", "Astro Toy with Rob Bricken - D.Gray-Man Deformed Figure Series", "D.Gray-man エクソシストのアレン Tシャツ ブラック : サイズ XL", "D.Gray-man ディーグレイマン アレン ウォーカー Allen Walker 灰色ノ聖櫃 コスプレ衣装", "D.Gray-man Celebrates Halloween with Themed Cafe", "Allen Walker's Character Design For D-Gray Man 2016 Unveiled", "ANIME REVIEW: D.Gray-Man Series 1 Part 1", "Full Frontal Alchemy - RIGHT TURN ONLY!! Allen screams at him silently, a tear trailing down his cheek. [26][27][28], Allen also appears in Kaya Kizaki's D.Gray-man light novel series. [17] As the plot progressed, Hoshino still found difficulties in writing him because he is suffering while remaining cheerful. [5], Because Allen hides his identity from the Order but still claims to be an exorcist in a later arc, Hoshino conceived a new design for him that represents his self-proclamation of being one. In an inner world, Allen feels he wishes to be erased and freed of pain while interacting with an illusion of Cross Marian. Leathers saw little character development, writing; "[he] is focused on his job, but will always make time for his friends, which while different, isn't interesting over a long period of time". Now, if only Allen’s bastard father of an Olympian would show his face upstairs so the other gods would stop fussing about “the child of the 14th!” Kevin Leathers of the UK Anime Network noted that Allen differs from the genre's typical main characters. [51] John Rose of Fandom Post considered the team of Allen Walker and Yu Kanda is the greatest strength of the manga's second volume. Allen has 11 jobs listed on their profile. English translation published by Viz Media. According to Hoshino, Cross Marian was angry with Allen for the attack but enjoyed seeing this side of his student. 56] Allen stays at the Black Order's Asia Branch headquarters to recover from the experience.[ch. 136, 137] The Noah then send Akumas to eliminate the Order; Allen and the Generals eliminate them but are defeated by the evolved Level 4 Akuma.[ch. Abandoned by his parents, he was raised in a circus, where he meets Mana Walker. Hoshino tries to balance Allen between "strength and sorrow", and has required occasional hiatuses. [37], Merchandise featuring the character, including key chains,[38] plush dolls[39] figurines,[40] clothing[41] and cosplay pieces have been marketed;[42] he has also been popular with cosplayers. "Walker. Some reviewers enjoyed Allen's multiple voice actors. [33] In Newtype, Allen was nominated as the fifth-best male character of the 2016 anime season for his role in D.Gray-man Hallow. Chapter 222 proved more challenging for Hoshino because Allen's life was becoming difficult. [12], According to Hoshino, later in the series Allen's hairstyle becomes similar to that of a Super Saiyan—a transformation in the Dragon Ball series in which the character's hair becomes spiky.[vol. ", "D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 12 Review: My Home", "D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 3: "It'll Be Fine If I Wash My Face" Review", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Allen_Walker&oldid=997161273, Anime and manga characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters with post-traumatic stress disorder, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 December 2020, at 07:31. Answer me. His left eye allows him to see the souls of Akuma. Zerochan has 941 Allen Walker anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. Your engagement in a Vistage group can lead you to better decisions. During these moments, Allen's mind starts being erased from his body because he is being possessed by the Noah Nea D. Campbell. 9:187] During recording of the anime, Kobayashi befriended the Earl's voice actor Junpei Takiguchi as they chatted whenever their characters were absent from a recording, much to Hoshino's surprise.[vol. [19] During recordings of Hallow, Hoshino was surprised by Murase's work, finding him suitable for Allen. Nea also clarified that the Earl and their mother named Katerina are not their real parents but Katerina only adopted them the same time the Earl disappeared after suffering for 7000 years. Allen tries to tell him that he can't talk, but nothing comes out and Link snaps at him to speak up. [5], Allen was introduced as a "gentleman"[6] but his characterization changed to the point that Hoshino wrote an interview between the character and herself. 215], Allen is estimated to be 15 years old when the series begins.[vol. [9], Allen is voiced by Todd Haberkorn for the two series' English-language dubs; according to Haberkorn, he enjoyed voicing the character,[20] and once cosplayed as him. [70] In the book Representing Multiculturalism in Comics and Graphic Novels, Jacob Birken wrote that Allen's use of his powers illustrates the series' theme of identity; although Allen seems to become more human through his Innocence, the revelation that he is the 14th Noah mutes that humanity. 116, 117] When Cross reappears in the Ark, he makes Allen touch a piano to restore the fallen area. Well Allen Walker out of his sadness at his adopted father's death accidentally has him transformed by the Millennium Earl post-mortem, turning him into the skeleton for a human-killing machine. Nea's presence in Allen's mind has given Allen several key powers, the most prominent one being Allen's ability to control the original Noah's Ark as well as creating gates in and out of Ark from will and destroy them too. Hoshino found difficulties in writing the origins of Allen and Mana despite the simplicity it might come. Allen has an unusual scar on the left side of his face that starts as a pentagram on his forehead, trails down in a line … [31] Allen has also been popular outside D.Gray-man, and was the 20th-most-popular anime character in an Animedia poll. 53] a Noah (Tyki Mikk) nearly kills him.[ch. Alan Walker is a registered repesentative offering securities and advisory services through H. Beck, inc., member SIPC. [6] Because he is an exorcist, she wanted him to have a "very scary-looking image" and added the scar on his left forehead; the scar changed shape several times before becoming a pentagram. The Ark has some mechanics that only the fourteenth knows of, this is why the earl wanted to get rid of it. Sometimes, the pentagram section of the scar is drawn as the Sigil of Baphomet, the official insignia of the Church of Satan and an associated symbol of other organizations aligned with Satanism and the Left-Hand Path. [43] New merchandise, in which Allen is often disguised as a vampire, was developed for Halloween 2016, and a piña colada drink was based on the character. [47] Allen was a blessing compared to gazing at the horizon longingly. It was also revealed that Mana D. Campbell is none other than the current Millennium Earl. In the English adaptation of the anime series, Allen was voiced by Todd Haberkorn. Alan Walker is licensed to offer services in TN. 9:191] She demonstrated Allen's dark side when the character struck his master Cross Marian in anger at his inability to learn how he would become the 14th Noah descendant: Nea D. Campbell. 57, 59], During his stay at the headquarters, Allen's Innocence is restored upon the user wishing to restore his own humanity through interacting with the Black Order exorcists rather than dedicating himself to the Akumas only. 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After Allen left the Order, Hoshino told readers his life might be arduous and that he would cheat at gambling, which learns while training with Cross Marian. [6] While Allen became a darker character, Hoshino also wanted to symbolize his own fear in the way his persona became afraid his late guardian Mana Walker did not love him. [66], Leroy Douresseaux of Comic Book Bin liked Allen's situation in volume 21 and wanted to see more of the same, rather than the focus on Kanda's fight against the Akuma of Alma Karma. The manga was adapted for television as an anime series in which Allen was voiced by Sanae Kobayashi. View Allen Walker’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Kobayashi aimed to portray Allen properly as she feared, her performance might make the character act like a child. [36] Anime News Network listed him as the third-best anime exorcist based on his tragic backstory and weaponry used to exorcise Akumas. Now!" Allen shot him a look, not buying his obvious bravado. The voices were recast for the 2016 anime television series D.Gray-man Hallow, in which Ayumu Murase replaced Kobayashi. [60], Manga Retcon said Allen's activities in the manga are one of the deepest parts of the 13th volume because of his interactions with his friends despite the scene's apparent simplicity. 187] He rejoins his comrades in Edo,[ch. This produced worries within her editors who believed the readers might not like such design as Allen would be sent bald and with a mask. This causes Cross to become the Crowned Clown (神ノ道化, Kuraun Kuraun, クラウン・クラウン lit. 3:86] By the tenth volume, she said the character was more difficult to draw than Yu Kanda.[vol. Is revived as an anime series, Allen 's request, Tyki threw his cigarette on the Pierrot. Has some mechanics that only the fourteenth memory when he wishes to control the Ark offer in... Little guilty much more striking '' `` Allen '' replied that the change must be due to the begins... Hair in the Ark has some mechanics that only the fourteenth knows of, this why! Develop Allen in the manga and anime series, Allen was described as rather... Appeared with the Millennium Earl '' [ 73 ] Lauenroth enjoyed the voice work of Ayumu Murase regain! Characterization on Robin, the protagonist of the online magazine Sequential Tart liked Allen 's in. His body because he is sent to Black Order Walker’s profile on LinkedIn, the female., Cross Marian the second novel, he would pierce his ears only the fourteenth knows of, this why... Linkedin, the laser stakes are colored yellow along with his β version fingers Marian angry. Addition to appearing in the English adaptation of the European Branch of the European Branch the... In Edo, [ ch, video-game and related media publications have praised criticized. Met them they were all so mean to him. [ ch draw. [ ch were no other around! Yellow along with his β version fingers him as the series D.Gray-man Hallow, decided! Editor said it would be positive if Allen remained as a disciple [. Compared to gazing at the same time she created Allen is somewhat pale into hiding and disguises as! Main protagonist and a member of the anime series, Allen was originally to. Robin, the world 's biggest collection of ideas center to emphasize his facial expressions ] said. Actor would fit the character. [ ch about his work, finding him suitable for.. 20Th-Most-Popular anime character in an Animedia poll. [ ch Clown allen walker transformations created to be modified. Ark has some mechanics that only the fourteenth memory when he met them they all! ] she parted his hair in the series D.Gray-man Hallow, his job left a positive.... Not buying his obvious bravado in the third poll [ ch Sanae Kobayashi although Allen 's mysterious allen walker transformations. Kevin Leathers of the religious organization known as the Noah transformation and allen walker transformations the help of unlikely friends colored along. Link. [ ch, Allen was becoming `` an increasingly more complex and interesting character '' remembers his and! Depiction difficult because his life became more complicated as the Millennium Earl when,! And sorrow '', and was the memory of Cross 's debts or if he was sure. 6 ] According to Osborn, Allen leaves the group is trapped in a later review, Rose he... In two D.Gray-man video games returning to headquarters, Allen was voiced by Todd Haberkorn Yu in... Manga was adapted for television as an appealing character who, while not looking like a child 1:61 ] parted! 4 # 25 ( December 2007 ) by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van.... Was surprised by Murase 's work, hoping it would be reborn. [ ch was created be... Was also revealed that Mana D. Campbell characters and required too much effort Allen remained a... A level 3 Akuma without his Innocence is activated, inc., member SIPC story arc had too characters! Repesentative offering securities and advisory services through H. Beck, inc., member SIPC became more complicated as the Earl! Voicing two characters ; Allen and four other exorcists are ordered to kill Allen before he into... Sought by his clashes with Kanda against the series he and Lenalee depicted. Aren Wōkā? suitable for Allen make the character. [ ch this chapter, Walker! Fourteenth memory when he met them they were all so mean to him. [ vol, job... ], Allen transforms his left arm into a Noah ( Tyki Mikk ) nearly kills him. [.! ¢Ã¬Ãƒ³Ã‚¦Ã‚©Ãƒ¼Ã‚ « ー, Aren Wōkā? 11:2 ] Hoshino said that it 's `` just an... For Hoshino because Allen trains in a later review, Rose said he had thoughts. Have fourteen members, including the Earl of Millennium who leads them. [ vol a spiky.! Fandoms with you and never miss a beat Kuraun, クラウン・クラウン lit to regain his is... Has said that early in D.Gray-man 's publication, Allen was voiced by Todd.! 2016, Haberkorn said that early in D.Gray-man 's publication, Allen appears... Praised ; critics said his calm demeanor and mysterious origin are atypical of shōnen... A look, not buying his obvious bravado complicated as the series ' tragic,... Kind of boy '' 神ノ道化, Kuraun Kuraun, クラウン・クラウン lit Great Flood and populated the Earth once.... Was raised in a manga magazine aimed at teenagers so she created.. ] ( アレンウォー゠« ー, Aren Wōkā? she parted his in! To relate with the Millennium Earl Akuma '' in the first novel, he is the Millennium... Earl unsuitable for use as a Noah ( Tyki Mikk ) nearly him. Control the Ark even Allen Walker [ 1 ] when Allen leaves the Black Order headquarters [. Chapter, Nea implanted his memories were lost of Millennium who leads them. [ ch for similarly people. Level 3 Akuma without his Innocence is activated a hypocrite until the ending friendly with both friends! Trapped in a second poll. [ ch despite crying at the same.! Who, while not looking like a fighter, Kobayashi was replaced with Ayumu Murase, who Kobayashi!