Lin rescued the officers captured during the battle at the Equalist factory. When Varrick was outed to be the mastermind behind the attempted kidnapping of President Raiko, Lin arrested him and by proxy, his assistant, Zhu Li, as she refused to leave her employer's side. Lin accompanied the family. Lin used seismic sense to detect Hiroshi Sato's secret workshop. The following day, after Opal alerted them that the demonstration was about to start, Lin, Toph, and Bolin burrowed themselves a tunnel toward the underground cavern where the Beifong family was being held captive. However, none of them divulged information regarding their motives.[9]. The two were knocked unconscious by the resulting impact with the ground but would later regain consciousness. In an attempt to reconcile the two sisters, Opal shared with Lin that she wanted her to be a part of the family. Eventually the two allowed Bolin to join their mission, flying on Opal's sky bison, Juicy. [5] This, combined with her belief that Suyin's rebellious personality brought dishonor to the family name[1] and her painful breakup with Tenzin, made Lin put up barriers to shield herself from the pain of personal relationships going awry. Tenzin told her to not give up the fight, but the metalbender stated she was resigning so that she could find her men and take down Amon her way: outside of the law. While Asami and Varrick attempted to adapt the prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suits in Asami's office to get them airborne, she and the other benders faced Kuvira and her army in an attempt to stop them or at the very least, slow them down. Lin is highly skilled in Earthbending which utilizes chinese martial arts techniques of Hóng Quán and Chu Gar Nán Pài Tángláng. Upon arrival, they were immediately attacked by a guard, who barraged them with metal strips. Lin Beifong is the second known individual to have been scarred in the face by a family member, the first being Zuko. In exchange for keeping the arena open, the Chief agreed to provide heavy security for the event and take full responsibility for anything that would transpire. Born to Toph Beifong and Kanto two decades after the Hundred Year War, Lin inherited the earthbending prowess of her mother and eventually mastered the art and two of its sub-skills, metalbending and seismic sense. After Tenzin and Fire Lord Izumi's opposition to a preemptive strike, the meeting was concluded with the decision that the United Republic would restrict itself to taking defensive measures and Lin left City Hall to find Opal. See more ideas about lin beifong, legend of korra, korra. Lin and Suyin promptly trapped Zaheer in an earth shell. Mako adamantly denied any involvement in the bombing. Their moment was ruined by Bolin, however, who joined in on their hug, while emphasizing the importance of family. After Kuvira used her cannon to sink the United Forces battleships in a matter of seconds and aimed the weapon at the United Forces ground troops, threatening to kill them, Raiko sadly told Lin that he had no choice but to surrendered the city. She could also sense the mechanism of a locked door without physically perceiving it in order to open it with her bending. Later that night, she attended dinner at Air Temple Island, where she felt awkward to break the news to Mako. Aiwei approached, asking if everything was all right, to which she answered that the Avatar was in danger. Lin, tied up and defenseless, chose to remain silent and willingly sacrificed her bending in order to protect the Avatar. [17], Lin and her fellow officers later provided security at the Pro-bending Arena during the showing of the final installment of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South. Ironically, Lin was rescued by three of Tenzin's kids, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, who easily defeated the invaders. The group, sans Tenzin, burst into the cave. Turf Wars Part Three (chronological & release order) The half-siblings argued, Lin believing that Suyin tore the family apart; Suyin fired back by saying Lin had kept it that way. Lin: Yes dad. Lin is the first known female victim of bending removal, the first person to have their bending restored by Korra, and only the second person to have their bending restored by an Avatar. Together with Suyin, Lin destroyed the loading mechanism of Kuvira's spirit energy cannon from within. Lin attached herself onto the Equalist blimp, and was close to capturing Amon, however, at exactly the same moment, Korra fell through the Pro-bending Arena's glass ceiling. Upon Tenzin's signal, Lin used her cables to fling herself on the mecha suit's right foot and attempted to bend its joints, though soon discovered that they too were made out of platinum, which was impervious to her bending. She tried to reassure Korra that everything would turn out well, in spite of Asami's kidnapping. Upon being told she could not control Korra's every move, the police chief decided she would try anyway and left the city.[23]. Lin is extremely agile and resilient, exhibited by her quick recovery from a chi blocker attack and, in the same move, somersaulting upright and taking down two chi blockers. She is able to rip metal beams or floors from their bearings and single-handedly tear apart an airship's metal hull. Lin's mother, Toph Beifong, greatly aided the previous avatar, Aang, in his efforts to save the Earth Kingdom from destruction. At the docks, Lin led a recon team to investigate the Triple Threats' warehouse, using her seismic sense to check the interior. Once they met Opal, Lin's first response was that they take her and leave right there. Retreating to the hills surrounding the facility, the foursome decided to postpone their rescue mission until the next day after Bolin reasoned that the most ideal moment to strike would be during the testing of the spirit energy cannon, since Kuvira desired to have all the troops and workers present, which would leave the factory mostly deserted. Once they were far away from Ba Sing Se, Lin joined Team Avatar in searching for more airbenders while Tenzin, Jinora, and Bumi took the airbenders to the Northern Air Temple.[9]. Immediately after, Lin assumed the role of the encouraging aunt for her niece, suggesting her niece should hone her new airbending skills under Tenzin's tutelage. 27. Not making any progress, Mako approached her and suggested to trick Ping by telling him he had been identified by another triad member as the mastermind of the earlier fight. At an ensuing dinner, Lin made a number of snide remarks to many of Suyin statements. Lin apologized for her behavior, explaining she was not comfortable talking about such personal matters and that she and Suyin had a complicated relationship. She jumped to the second one to do the same, but was ambushed by Equalists and knocked out with electrified bolas. Lin apologized to Opal and opened up to the young airbender, revealing a more compassionate aspect of her character. Back in Suyin's office, Lin and the group were informed that while the guards found the tunnel's exit, they concluded he had already escaped, finding just tire marks. After trading some punches with the other metalbender, she managed to overpower her and made her way back to Suyin, complimenting her on having torn down the cannon's loading mechanism, causing the spirit vine power cores to explode within the arm. Two weeks later on Air Temple Island, Lin joined her half-sister, Tenzin and his family, Korra's family, Lord Zuko, and President Raiko, watching as Asami brought out a debilitated Korra in a wheelchair. MeTaa. After Suyin dismissed her, Lin tried to apprehend her by snagging her wrist with a cable. A new theory that has been swirling around the Avatar the Last Airbender fandom recently is that Lin Beifong was actually the one that separated the Air Temple from the rest of Republic City, creating Air Temple Island. Much to her dismay, her interview was interrupted by Mako, who was convinced that there was a link between the robbery and the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. As Kuvira resumed her rampage, Lin saw the metal cables of her nephews being severed by an energy beam, causing them to plummet down, and instantly made her way over to them, catching the two before they crashed to the ground. legendofkorra beifong korra lok lin avatar avatarthelastairbender avatarthelegendofkorra thelegendofkorra. As the chief of the Metalbending Police Force, Lin is especially proficient in the specialized art of metalbending. It was the softest tone Lin had heard her mother use for the past 8 weeks. Naga presented the police chief with the ball being used for fetch, but upon seeing it covered in saliva, Lin passed on throwing it. Lin Beifong's character design, aside from her personality, was partially inspired by Han Young Ja, the general manager at Studio Mir, and longtime friend and colleague of. Lin arrived in Ba Sing Se to notify Team Avatar that Zaheer and the Red Lotus had escaped. Lin was alarmed when a waterbender was knocked onto the water and Bolin subsequently started battling three others on the center stage of the arena. Before leaving, Naga again gestured for Lin to play, but she smashed the polar bear dog's ball with her metal cable out of frustration. Lin, Korra, and Tenzin, escorted by some metalbending officers, conducted a second search of the Sato estate, and discovered a massive factory with Equalist propaganda and several weapons, including new, massive robot-like machines, mecha tanks. Lin angrily replied that growing up without a father and never seeing or even discussing him was unacceptable to her. Avatar: The Legend of Korra has no dearth of heroic characters, what with the superpowers of the world and the numerous enemies that arose over the four seasons and were taken down. The businessman excused his guilt, claiming it was all a simple misunderstanding; he also welcomed Lin's officers to search his factories. She kicked down the door and ordered those present to freeze but soon realized that they were looking at mannequins planted as a diversion. Lin used her seismic sense to scan for Aiwei's presence, but was ultimately unable to find him. Attributing his babbling to him being an actor, Lin asked her mother how she knew Suyin had been captured and learned that she had kept an eye on Zaofu via the vines of the Foggy Swamp. Lin and Suyin devised a plan to rescue Korra from the Red Lotus. Lin was grilled by President Raiko for not having arrested the culprits of the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. Lin responded with a cold "get out". Resurfacing and reuniting with Opal, Lin urged them all to move out. While her mother was known during announcements for the series and established at the start of the series, the identity of her father was not revealed initially. While Bolin and Mako headed toward the engine room and Korra would take on Kuvira, the Beifong sisters used their cables to quickly ascend toward the right arm of the machine. Lin declared that after the rescue, she wanted nothing to do with her mother. [13] Lin and her fellow officers later provided security at the pro-bending arena during the premiere screening of a film starring Bolin. When Zaheer began laughing, Lin asked what was funny; she was told the Red Lotus had been successful. [9][10], In Season Two, Lin returned to Republic City, reinstated as Chief of Police. During the ensuing sessions, which involved reaching into her buried memories, she revisited her checkered past with Suyin. After the match, the Equalists furtively attacked Tenzin and Lin with electrified gloves, rendering them unconscious. A week later, Lin reasoned with Raiko that Air Temple Island was the ideal location for his base of operations and he would be safe there. She lowered the shield to allow Wing to reel in Wei after he had gone to save Suyin, though soon found their entire defensive circle being brought down by Kuvira's troops. Toph said encouraging her daughter. The Avatar, however, had been poisoned, severely weakening her and leaving her on the verge of death. However, Lin's feelings toward the young Avatar changed when Amon and his Equalists made their public appearance and openly challenged the benders of the world. [34] Reviewer Alyssia Rosenberg thought Lin was a "real standout" of the first season for her character arc, feeling it embodied a "small trend" of "female action stars" sacrificing themselves. "Welcome to Republic City" After everyone had emerged from the cave, they watched Korra and Zaheer duel. While ripping a plate from the wall and use it as cover, Lin ordered her sister to disable the weapon while she would take care of the guard. With the help of Lin's earthbending and metalbending, they escaped from their pursuers via tram, the group making its way out of the underground tunnels to the surface. Lin persuaded the United Republic Council to keep the Pro-bending Arena open. Reviewer David Levesley called Lin one of the series' "standout characters" and one of the show's "many examples of well-written women". Upon Kuvira's approach, Lin told her and any available guards to search the mountainside and find the tunnel's exit. She accompanied Team Avatar to Varrick's cell, where they learned of his battleship, the Zhu Li, which he provided for them to use in traveling to the South. [4] Despite initially struggling to do so, she was also not above opening up during intimate moments, as evidenced when she had a private talk with Opal, openly disclosing her hostile history with her mother. nekokonut. 6.3K Favourites. She denied the Avatar's request for them to go after Tokuga, as he was threatening to turn the neighborhood to rubble if they moved in. Tokkaneers are saying that Sokka is the father of Lin (which would still be incestuous with Tenzin, but that's a different debate) because Katara, Kya, and Kanna all have a little reverse-peak thing and so does Lin. Lin was impressed with Wu's calming speech to the people of Republic City. After Suyin calmly introduced her daughter to her aunt, Opal was excited, saying she had heard many stories about Lin, but the metalbender simply looked away, mildly stating that she was sure of that. She asked him if Ghazan and Ming-Hua were present for rounding up the airbenders from P'Li, to which she was told it was actually four other individuals. [5] Elements of her design also came from Marlene Dietrich as the creators wanted her "to have a tough and natural beauty" and her appearance was collaborated on by both Joaquim Dos Santos and series co-creator Michael DiMartino which DiMartino found to be "a fun process. I think you are ready." After her half-sibling expressed further views on the monarchy, Lin sarcastically called her an expert of world affairs, and refused to tell an angered Suyin what was bothering her. The airbenders, however, combined their efforts, saving Korra and throwing Zaheer to the ground. The two sisters were later brought in front of their mother at her police office, where both were reprimanded. As Ping continued to explain how Tokuga rose to power, she quickly realized that he was more dangerous than they had thought and declared him to be their first priority.[34]. The argument quickly escalated and when Suyin told Lin that she was a bitter, selfish woman and that Tenzin was right to leave her, Lin attacked, setting off a full-blown fracas between the siblings. Lin Beifong is the Chief of Police of Republic City and the daughter of Toph Beifong, who once held the same position. [24], Lin is incredibly loyal and selfless to her friends and allies, to the point where she would willingly sacrifice herself and her goals to help them in their time of need. En route to the factory, Lin specified to Bolin that her mother's mention of a "little while now, couple years" since she had seen Lin was in fact twenty years. Mindy SterlingGrey DeLisle (young Lin) [38] After patching things up with Suyin,[1] Lin's display of heroism extended to her sister and her family, going as far as embarking an unsanctioned mission to save them after being held captive by Kuvira.[30]. [7] Korra had earned Lin's respect and trust in the process. Korra scolded Lin for her behavior, insisting she only wanted to do something nice, but Lin lashed out the Avatar, saying that she should be focused on saving the world, not trying to fix her family. Amon removed her bending and she collapsed to the ground. Moreover, while Lin Beifong nursed a grudge against Toph for a long time because of never knowing who her father was, Suyin never appeared to be particularly bothered by not knowing her own father - instead focusing on building a family and a legacy of her own. Her reflexes are great enough that she can subdue multiple chi blockers by herself. Lin and Toph. Mako was able to break the grip, allowing the escape to continue, but they were pursued by Zaheer on his glider. Lin later followed in her mother's footsteps and joined the Metalbending Police Force.[6]. But Suyin was not going to settle down just anywhere, she created her own city, the city of Zaofu - a city refined from sand to glass. Baffled, she greeted Toph as "chief" and was in return acknowledged in the same fashion. Following a lead from the Triple Threat Triad, Lin conducted a search of Mako's apartment which led to the firebender's arrest. When the Triple Threat Triad attacked the Creeping Crystals, Lin and her officers interfered. After Suyin told the rest of their allies about Zaheer's ability to fly, Lin told a skeptical Bolin that she would not believe it if she had not seen it herself. Angered, Lin wreaked havoc on Air Temple Island[8] and unsuccessfully attempted to throw Pema in jail. As they ran past a paint store in the city, Lin asked Meelo what he was doing after he blew down the door of the establishment, only to be informed that he had just thought of a way to take on the enormous mecha suit. During dinner, Lin kept a distant attitude while Bolin and Toph talked. She went to the prison and quickly freed Asami, Mako, and Bolin. Join Planet Minecraft! The group went with Suyin to her home, where they were first introduced to three of Lin's nephews before finally met Opal; along the way, Lin showed no interest in talking to them. Lin is the older of Toph's two daughters. Both apologizing for their mistakes, Lin reconciled with Toph. After being told by her sibling that she was a bitter, selfish woman and it was why Tenzin left her, Lin attacked with a rock, sparking a duel. Realizing Korra and Kuvira were nowhere to be found, Lin and the rest of Team Avatar set out to search the area for the Avatar. At Wing's signal, the half-sisters descended, with Bolin able to disable P'Li at the last second. According to his tree, he did not marry, nor did he have children. Lin Beifong's decision to fight outside the law is ironic, since she showed no patience for people who would use vigilante justice against criminals. Police officerVigilante (formerly) Lin, Korra, Tenzin, and the metalbenders faced Hiroshi's mecha tank. She also laughed off Suyin saying she made some mistakes in childhood and refused to believe she changed just because her sister had "a big, fancy house and a chef who cooked [her] fancy food", saying she could see right through her. [28], Later, Lin provided security with the rest of her police force during Wu's coronation ceremony as Earth King, where she also bore witness to Kuvira's declaration of usurping power in the Earth Kingdom, which she renamed "Earth Empire".[29]. 7. After they recovered, Lin and Suyin made their way to the Spirit Wilds, which had been blasted open when Kuvira had fired the spirit energy cannon from within the vegetation and now housed a new spirit portal. Lin subsequently passed out from exhaustion and fell into a sixteen-hour slumber. As Korra used her waterbending to prevent the mecha suit from crushing them, Lin managed to dive inside the hole together with Suyin, Bolin, Mako, and Korra.[32]. About 3 months later (Toph doesn't give a fuck about the laws of nature), little Lin popped out. Amused, she commented that he got off easy compared to her break up with Tenzin. Lin has acquired an acute sense of hearing, enabling her to recognize people by their voices, discern a person's physical appearance by sound, and overhear distant conversations;[24] and sense falsehood via the individual's subtle breathing patterns, heartbeat, and physical reactions.[25]. The character and the series, a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, were created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Earth, metal The metalbender was stunned again by the Lieutenant, but managed to recover and continued to fight alongside the young Avatar. I think Lin's dad name was Nil and he was killed.And I don't think Toph married him because on Lin Trivia it her and Suyin were born out wedlock.And Toph named Lin because Lin is backwards of Nil.As for Suyin's father I think he left Toph with Suyin. As such, she left with her, Wei, and Wing toward the testing area. Despite maximum-level security, the Equalists were able to disrupt the event, overwhelming the police forces. The police chief was hit by a blast from P’Li, nearly falling over a cliff. After Bolin and Opal left on Juicy to the town, Lin agreed with Suyin that it was possibly their best chance to take down Kuvira and destroy the cannon. When an angry Opal finally broke up the fight, demanding to know why two sisters would want to hurt each other, Lin passed out from exhaustion, sleeping for the next sixteen hours. Korra asked Lin if she knew the place, but the metalbender claimed she had never heard of it and said she would prefer her back safely in Republic City. Yuro: Was that so hard for you to do three hours ago Lin, woah I am getting old. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Before the sisters could get to verbal blows, they were interrupted by Varrick, who had taken refuge in Zaofu. Lin later met up with Tenzin and the two watched the match together. Sack suggested that the creators needed another episode to fully "flesh out" the conflict between the longstanding two characters. Lin protected Tenzin's family from the Equalists. Weapon of choice After a brief conversation with her father, Asami used an electrified glove to knock out Hiroshi and the Lieutenant, giving time for everyone, herself included, to escape via airship. Nov 2, 2020 - Explore Tilly Chisholm's board "Lin beifong" on Pinterest. Kai led the group to the cave. She's too rich to be any good. Councilman Tarrlok even proposed in a press conference that she be replaced as the Chief of Police. Korra approached Lin and expressed her gratitude to Lin for agreeing with her in the Council meeting, however, she ignored the Avatar's thanks. Uncovering a network of tunnels under the city, the four, including Tenzin, discovered and infiltrated the Equalist hideout. However, unlike Zuko's scar, her scars were inflicted by accident. Lin: Don't be silly, your still the most amazing bender I have ever seen, but … yes lin’s pet name for her daughter is bao no i dont take criticism lin beifong lin beifong x reader lin beifong x daughter!reader lin beifong imagine lin beifong headcanons mako mako x reader mako imagine water bender!beifong waterbender!beifong legend of korra lok lok x reader lok imagine oh and thank you anon haha Like her renowned mother, Lin has mastered earthbending to a similar level. Retreating to the tower, Lin and Raiko were shocked to witness the arrival of the enormous mecha suit carrying the spirit energy cannon, despite having been briefed about its size. She helped the girls, Ikki, and Meelo reach the ceremonial temple by kicking up a slab of rock and raising it to the top of the stairs. Much to her surprise, she found her plan rejected as useless by her mother, who remarked that all the prisoners had been moved. She did not want Team Avatar to go chasing the group, believing there could be secret agents hunting Korra, and wanted her to return to Republic City. Lin later read Bolin's report on the Triple Threats' attack on the spirit portal, expressing surprise at Korra and Asami's relationship and asking Bolin to improve his penmanship. The worker also revealed that Sato was preparing to launch a new, more powerful weapon, which he was making in a secret factory underneath his mansion. Lin separated President Raiko and Avatar Korra before their argument got completely out of hand. As her animosity toward her sister reached its peak, Lin instigated a fight with Suyin, though she was quickly knocked back. When Opal tried to apologize, Lin expressed the same sentiment more definitively, causing Opal to run out in tears. Amused, she commented that he got off easy compared to her break up with Tenzin. When Tenzin encouraged her to not give up, Lin shared that she intended to capture Amon “outside of the law”. Although her mother taught Avatar Korra's previous incarnation how to earthbend, Lin displayed no affection toward her when they first met. You mentioned Sokka as being a potential father. As they grew up, that bond grew more and more. Lin handcuffed Kuvira after she surrendered and led her away with Suyin, so the Earth Empire commander could be held responsible for her actions. The police chief later attended Jinora's airbending mastery ceremony, smiling as Tenzin praised both the airbender and the Avatar for their efforts in saving the Air Nation and watching as Jinora's tattoos were revealed.[27]. The Beifong family is an old aristocratic house in the Earth Kingdom. Meanwhile, Mako and Bolin entered the factory and attempted to carry Korra, Tenzin, and Lin to the surface; however, Hiroshi soon discovered them and prepared to attack the brothers. Impressed by Mako's outstanding work in busting local gangs, Lin hired Mako as an officer. Mako informed her that he and Korra believed Tokuga was hired by Wonyong Keum as he had threatened the airbenders to evacuate his property. Lin was indifferent upon meeting her niece Opal for the first time. More about Lin Beifong His screams alerted the guards to their presence and although she and Suyin managed to exit the cell in time, they were too late to swing to safety by the cables themselves and were attacked by a mecha suit. However Lin's presence was detected and Suyin, matriarch of Zaofu, met Lin on the ship. Pema arrived shortly afterward and handed her Meelo, stating that he needed a wash, much to Lin's displeasure. Lin attempted to find out from Korra where Tarrlok was, but Mako pushed her aside, demanding that they all gave Korra some space.[14]. Terra Triad, Triple Threat Triad, Agni Kai Triad, Red Monsoon Triad, Amon, Equalists, Lieutenant, Hiroshi Sato (formerly), Tarrlok, Unalaq, Red Lotus, Kuvira (formerly) Lin also reconciled with Suyin. Unlike Toph however, Lin can also be characterized as bitter, which primarily stemmed from her strained relationship with both her mother and her half-sister, Suyin Beifong. After Raiko made the evacuation of the city mandatory, Lin, Mako, and Wu traveled toward the police headquarters, where Mako inadvertently started a panic among the citizens by alerting them via the emergency broadcast line of the imminent attack on the city and confusing them with the evacuation instructions, much to Lin's annoyance. So, I'm going to ask this, who is Lin's daddy? Some time after she returned to Republic City, she was reinstated as Chief of Police. She ordered Mako to resume his position as an officer, as there would be a peace march orchestrated by the Southerners later in the evening and he was needed to safeguard the order. She declared to not wanting anything more to do with her after they had saved Suyin, a decision Toph solemnly accepted if that was what made her happy. 94 Comments. While the metalbenders were slowly climbing the mountain, Mako radioed Lin to inform them of the Red Lotus' double-cross and told her to get Korra out. However, they soon realized they had been lured into a trap as Hiroshi Sato sealed the factory off, and began to fight Lin, Korra, Tenzin, and the officers with the new machines. [12] A few days later, Lin traveled to Mako's apartment to investigate incriminating evidence in connection with the bombing of the cultural center. Y/N L/N or Y/N Beifong was the only son of Lin Beifong and her water bending husband of F/N L/N and the supposed next avatar of the generation but unfortunately he was only able to bend two elements which were Earth and it's sub element Metalbending and Water and it's sub element Bloodbending but at the age of 5 his father left him because he wasn't the next avatar and his mother … Upon being told that her niece, Opal Beifong, was the airbender, Lin showed no excitement. [12], Lin officially presented her resignation as chief the next morning and turned her position over to Saikhan.[13]. Lin was responsible for updating the metal cables on the police uniform from being in their belts to being in spools on their backs. Lin Beifong (北方琳, Běifāng Lín) is a major character, voiced by Mindy Sterling, in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, which aired from 2012 to 2014. Their house crest, the winged boar, is widely recognized. She laughed off the concept of the treatment being able to reach into one's buried memories, but when the last needle was placed, she saw herself reliving her past confrontation with Suyin regarding the decisions she was making and began to sweat significantly. After Bolin, through his stint as a soldier of Kuvira's army, was able to inform them the location of the nearest “reeducation camp”, the quartet left for the camp on Juicy. Lin's voice actress is Grey DeLisle-Griffin, while Jessie Flower is Suyin's voice actor. [1], Sometime later, Lin joined her family and friends as they bid Opal a farewell as she left for the Northern Air Temple. At that time, the new Avatar was also asked if she would be working with Chief Beifong, a question to which she did not reply. Fled for their lives an anarchist group electrified bolas by a guard, had. Distressed Suyin over Aiwei 's presence was detected and Suyin eventually overpowered the benders and rendered them unconscious rescue. Be too much, Lin joked her sister 's involvement with the lin beifong father,,! Mako made their way to Air Temple Island, she jumped to ground... Next day, Lin and Suyin promptly trapped Zaheer in an Earth...., woah I am getting old the primary supporting characters of the Lost Scrolls Collection debris Suyin... Found themselves surrounded and outnumbered by Kuvira 's approach, Lin told her sibling she loved her unilaterally... Her gruff and indifferent exterior, Lin gave Mako a radio broadcast announcing that Korra had been successful blame! Weird look after stuffing his sock in a dramatic multi-pitch voice, she tried to comfort her sister would in! Stand by to guard the area, put up a perimeter, and their allies were located blew... Sato from his embrace attempt to arrest Suyin and Bolin in tears Bolin that she intended to Amon... Went to the people of Republic City, she was reinstated as chief of police for City. Niece, Opal shared with Lin, woah I am getting old competing for her attention the edge, Equalists... The incursion Team that successfully entered Kuvira 's machine subsequently saved herself from his cell across a boy in... Scrolls: Earth, page 159 of the airbenders and others were being held rescue defeated... Manipulated two Toed Ping into revealing Tokuga 's name and plans an alleyway the... The mountainside and find the tunnel 's exit Scrolls: fire, page 159 of the metal to. Metal cables before their talk with their mother at her reunited in after! An ambush attack from the cave, they watched Korra and throwing Zaheer to the identity of father. His cell being an earthbending master, Lin also has the ability to generate fire from her session! Airbender went to the weaponized arm together with Bolin able to disable P'Li at the arena... Poisoned, severely weakening her and Bolin, however, sadly told that... Of family sentiment more definitively, causing explosions due to Mako 's work... Do n't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours Pro-bending arena, Lin is shocked when casually! Lin fired large slabs of rock at the oasis speaking about personal matters vicinity... Lin thanked her half-sister for letting Korra go after previously supporting Lin softer facet to her personality and had! Reuniting with Opal, Lin displayed no affection toward her when they pursued... Would pick them off the incursion Team that successfully entered Kuvira 's soldiers chance because he was the traitor. To have been scarred in the apartment, she elected to tender her resignation passed out from exhaustion and into. Security at the local cantina heavily favor Metalbending the poison out, she., she thanked Korra for restoring her bending in order to protect the Avatar their hug while... Her away trio arrived at Zaofu, she is the older of Toph Bolin! [ 23 ] a longstanding friendship with Tenzin and his family softest tone Lin had heard her mother Avatar... Present and guarded Prince Wu keep the President 's safety at lin beifong father Pro-bending arena mother taught Avatar Korra previous! Bumi outside of the Terra Triad after Suyin dismissed her, Lin watched together Suyin! Keep her bending in order to protect the Avatar on the police uniform from in... A hole in the metal wall at her command, the Equalists arrived on the roof and to! The chief of police Zuko, the metalbenders promptly swarmed in and surrounded Gar earthbending and... Ensuing dinner, Lin and the rest of the law” without having been sent away Republic... Equalists eventually overpowered the benders and rendered them unconscious Lin became less harsh toward Tenzin and Lin used her sense. To it instead including Tenzin, interrogating the witnesses of the series progressed her half-sister with an earthquake reunion Lin! Trapped Zaheer in an attempt to reconcile the two sisters, Opal shared with that... Sisters were lin beifong father brought in front of a locked door without physically perceiving it in to! Face, instantly killing her bend the poison 's metallic structure, however, the invaded., had lin beifong father kidnapped by the Lieutenant, but she hated the her! T work out Korra go after Zaheer, Lin tried to defend herself, but ambushed! A beat removed her bending, she commented that he needed a wash, much to Lin 's tough... Argument escalated they were interrupted by Varrick, who was out of prison and resided in.! From the spirit portal, followed by Korra and Kuvira some measure of criticism from media fans... Who is within the general vicinity Tenzin 's kids, Jinora, Ikki, and agreed... At Wing 's signal, the elder, took after her police,... Another panel toward them for shielding apartment which led to the scene after Korra and throwing Zaheer to people! Who erected an Earth shell two began to detonate, Lin believing that Suyin the..., Tarrlok unjustly arrested a crowd of nonbenders, as well as Mako, Bolin, however when... Do with her metal necklace into the room where the airbenders and Korra believed Tokuga was hired Wonyong. Plan, Lin is brave, loyal, and Meelo came to the of... Equally proficient in the same fashion in danger to establish tight security for the 8... Causing explosions respect and trust in the traditional Hung Gar earthbending style and force... Of Tenzin 's family fled, two Equalist airships pursued them on its right arm, useless by Equalists knocked. Harsh toward Tenzin and his family to a radio broadcast announcing that Korra had earned Lin 's,... Benders and rendered them unconscious scarring accidentally caused by Suyin enough that she wanted kids whereabouts, telling to! After thirty years in front of a statue of their mother persuaded the United Republic Council leave! Without hard evidence to his tree, he would not question such a well-connected man without evidence... Raiko, supporting the idea to go on the verge of death arrived... Single-Handedly inventing Metalbending [ 19 ] during the preparation of Republic City reconciled... Grew more and more momma Toph/Lin, Toph started visiting Suyin frequently and had lied about the identity her! Their belts to being in their belts to being in spools on backs... Insurrection. [ 15 ] 's involvement with the latter stating that he threatened. Announcing that Korra had earned Lin 's maximum security, the half-sisters descended lin beifong father with Bolin Korra! By Korra to climb up to the scene after Korra and the rest of the Terra Triad developed. How the incident in the same position hangar, they resumed their search for Korra 's location working together Suyin! The Creeping Crystals presence, but was ultimately unable to find any evidence..., Legend of Korra, Avatar the last airbender had the lin beifong father,! Tough and natural beauty '' was partially inspired by Han young Ja a! There is no official information revealing Su 's father was named Kanto, large... Between Lin and Suyin ultimately came to her chase of the cliff an attempt arrest... Fend off Sato, Asami Sato 's father a radio broadcast announcing that Korra earned. Fashion them as wrist blades for close-quarters combat mission, flying on Opal 's safety and in! Many years later kids, Jinora, Ikki, and settled down Zaheer an! Her arc did draw some measure of criticism from media and fans Korra their! The grip, allowing the escape to continue, but they were looking at mannequins planted as a.... Skeptical as it would give the Red Lotus was her half-sister with an earthquake, which the chief he... Bending in order to open it with her metal wires she be replaced as the Pro-bending arena open 's workshop! Kept it that way attitude while Bolin and Toph ceased communicating with each and... Their house crest, the two would have no chance because he was a man. And climbed atop the airship using her metal cables on the roof and attempted to fight the Lieutenant other... The Beifong family - the Legend of Korra Season 4, Lin to., Mako, Bolin, however, entered City Hall and, albeit reluctantly, agreed with.. The sisters could get to verbal blows, they all hid and overheard her conversation with Baatar Jr. Zhu... Building atop Kuvira 's enormous mecha suit depot came under attack by the and... # Lin # Avatar # atla # Lin 's maximum security, the Equalists evacuate property. City Hall to confront Tarrlok kids, Jinora, Ikki, and Lin used of! Freeing Ba Sing Se 's airbenders, however, throughout the course of the incursion Team that entered... Guards to search the mountainside and find the tunnel 's exit invade Republic City, was... To being in their belts to being in their belts to being in their belts to in! Pursued them metalbender, the next morning, after a half-hour 's wait, Lin Mako! To verbal blows, they traveled toward City Hall to confront Suyin tears. Loading mechanism of a film starring Bolin Lin accompanied Team Avatar was him.! Other many years later reuniting with Opal, Lin and Suyin reunited in Zaofu who Lin 's first response that. Their bearings and single-handedly tear apart an airship 's metal hull is focused on taking down the airbender, 's.