Influencers became influencers because their sense of addressing their followers is correct and effective. A study by HelloSociety found Instagram micro-influencers have 60% higher engagement rates than those who have more followers. Instead, they are Instagram users with anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. According to a study by Experticity, micro or local influencers are the best at explaining the functionality of a product. But if you approach influencers the wrong way, you won’t get the results you want. Micro-influencers are the new buzzword in the social media marketing landscape. Make sure to personalise the message to the influencer, instead of copy-pasting the same message over and over … Run the site of a local business? Looking to grow SEO… Read More, Looking to branch into an entirely new market with a different regional culture, and maybe even a new language? This will help the micro-influencer understand their role and responsibilities in your marketing campaign. You need to develop a win-win proposal if the local influencers show interest in collaborating with you. Though they have fewer followers, their audiences are loyal and highly engaged. Invite micro-influencers to take photos for your Instagram pages and write content for your blog. Once you make a list of potential micro-influencers, you need to scan through their profiles to ensure that the content they create is related to your niche. Forming relationships with influencers is something you really want to get right. Coordinate the campaign 5. Increase search visibility and attract new customers. When micro-influencers love brands and their products, the authenticity reflects in their content. Lower costs: Before we get into the potential results of micro-influencer campaigns, there’s no denying that one of the biggest benefits is that the approach is far less costly than using celebrities or well-known influencers. The average price for micro-influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers was $83 per post. Micro-influencer outreach is no different from regular influencer outreach. Ultimately, the micro-influencers you choose will become instantly integrated into the fabric of your company. According to a study by Experticity, micro or local influencers are the best at explaining the functionality of a product. You can help them get the engagement they’re after. 4. for their social advertising needs, many brands are taking the process of content creation and shifting it from, With customer acquisition cost increasing, brands are constantly looking at how they can better convert customers through content, and the conclusion today is that authentic content converts best. Social media has become a very important part of local business marketing strategies, which is why businesses of different sizes collaborate with influencers to promote their products. The best approach for finding social media micro-influencers is to collaborate with a company like Trend, which does all the vetting for you so that you only work with … You should scan the social media feeds of your potential experts, especially their Instagram feeds. Source: “Influencer Marketing Case Study: Micro-influencers For A Groundswell Approach with MINI Australia: Nora Chan Instagram, Scrunch] The resulting 14 Instagram posts that followed achieved more than 8,300 engagements that ultimately drove traffic back to the MINI website. Contact, Influencer Marketing Services Provided by Neal Schaffer, Influencer marketing originally emerged as a marketing channel where brands were looking to leverage influencers with large audiences to incite word of mouth marketing as well as amplify the brand’s content. Don’t comment just for the sake of it, though, because it will look spammy. KEY ADVICE FOR MICRO INFLUENCERS: Know your target market, demographics and engagement statistics in case brands request for them. As this is a long and detailed guide, here’s a quick overview of the steps in this guide: 1. When they work. The next section of the proposal needs to give the micro-influencer a reason to get back to you. This change in perspective can greatly help micro-influencers who generate higher engagement when compared to macro-influencers. Use an influencer marketing platform or hire an agency. The organic beverage brand gave a sample product to their micro-influencers, who then shared Instagram posts and talked about the benefits of the product. Keep reading as we dive into the world of micro-influencers and explain the ins and outs of this new trend toward going small with your influencer campaigns. Start with Social Media Interactions. Tip #5: Help Create Engagement with Their Content. Honest product reviews are a valuable form of social proof, which potential customers can refer to before they make purchasing decisions. These recommendations are honest, unbiased, and real. Research suggests that recommendations made by micro-influencers influence the purchasing decisions of 82% of consumers. Start by creating a spreadsheet and adding the names and Instagram profile links for each influencer that you’re wanting to contact. People listen to them and respect them. You can then evaluate them based on the kind of content they create, their audiences, and more to decide if they might be a good fit for your brand. If nothing else, the email will help you check whether the influencer wants monetary compensation or some other form of payment. recommendations made by micro-influencers influence the purchasing decisions of, How to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy Around Seasonality, 12 Content Marketing Tips to Improve Local SEO, How to Localize Content for More Conversions, Local RankFlux: Local Algorithm Monitoring. (with pre-send checklist), Here’s Why Micro-Influencers Play an Important Role in Influencer Marketing, 41 Content Marketing Statistics That Actually Matter to Your Business in 2021, Outsourcing Digital Marketing? Read on for effective strategies to help you with this! Here are a few tips to help you connect with micro-influencers effectively: 1. The proposal also needs to have a clear description of goals and expected outcomes from the collaboration. Similar to how many companies are bypassing agencies and talking directly to advertising sales reps at the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, et. Micro-influencers aren’t big-name celebrities that you’ll find in the tabloids. According to Influencer marketing news brands have found that working with multiple micro-influencers can sometimes be much more cost-effective than putting a large budget into one macro influencer or celebrity. Leveraging micro-influencers is a tactic, and one that is far from a silver bullet. And hopefully you’ll end up with some new friends too. One of the greatest success stories is PSY, who created the music video Gangnam Style. Their audience feels more seen and involved with the influencer because, well, there’s less people. This can motivate their followers even more to purchase the product. After all, just because someone is an advocate of a brand does not necessarily mean they will have the type of personality or style that consumers will relate and respond to. Learn how our customers have accelerated their success with BrightLocal. It’s important to understand that micro-influencers will get many emails from other businesses as well, and it’s difficult for them to reply to each and every email. marketplaces as a directory of influencers, influencer outreach comes with similar as well as additional problems, influencer outreach is also very challenging, The Top 21 Pinterest Tools You Need to be Successful on Pinterest, 55 Compelling Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need To Know For 2021, What is a Social Media Influencer? Looking for micro-influencers in other social media. This is one of the best ways to find micro-influencers and local influencers who are relevant to your business. And guess what? Use Google analytics, Iconsquare or Instagram insights (if you’re on a business account.) Micro or macro? Your email to the influencers must clearly outline what they’ll get out of the collaboration. A Definition Explained in Plain English for You, The Top 23 Instagram Tools You Need for Successful Marketing, The Top 30 Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2021, When is the Best Time to Send Marketing Emails? Contributor Shane Barker provides his considerations for localizing your content for more conversions. Your comment needs to have some value. You can use automated tools to monitor the online activity of your target influencers. How to Convince a Micro-Influencer to Work with You. This ensures that you get the most accurate results without taking too much time. These practices will lead to long-lasting and strong relationships with micro-influencers. And since they’re already following you, it will be easy for you to convince them to join the campaign. Koa Organic Beverages, for example, has used this tactic very successfully. They partnered with micro-influencers to promote and increase awareness of their product. Most online influencers want engagement leading to some kind of conversion, such as a reader buying a product from them. Micro influencers aid in word of mouth marketing, have fantastic engagement, and are especially useful in targeting those that might be using ad blockers. The key to executing excellent seasonal content campaigns for a local audience is preparation. At the beginning of the proposal, make sure to introduce yourself, then refer to some of the recent work of the influencer and show your appreciation of it. As well as Instagram and Twitter, you can use Google to do local hashtag research. What type of success can you expect from micro-influencers? This service lets you search for any potential influencer no matter how big or small their audience is. Caitlyn Kreklewich is a YouTuber with more than 33K followers on her account. If you want to find local influencers manually, it can be a very time-consuming and taxing process. Follow contributor Ann Smarty’s advice, use these handy tools, and never again will you be creating last-minute content while doing the last-minute gift shopping. The importance of the authentic voice in marketing has grown significantly in the past few years, with influencers of all shapes and sizes sharing authentic messaging with their legions of fans. Tutorial videos are a great way to educate your followers about your products and services. al. With a well-developed strategy, collaborating with influencers can help you market your brand more effectively! You can use influencer marketing platforms to find relevant and authentic micro-influencers. The same is true for micro-influencers. Finding micro-influencers relevant to your niche can be very difficult. Do Your Research on influencers. Also, you need to talk about how the opportunity is relevant to their niche. This search type can also help you find some relevant local hashtags related to your industry to expand your search even further, as you can see below. Macro-influencers were the first breed of social media ambassadors. Research is key and you’ll find yourself returning to this step often in the … According to a survey conducted by Markerly, micro-influencers offer the best combination of broader reach and relevant engagement. These were often done through, Over time, especially with the popularity of visual social networks like Instagram, more and more brands are making shifts in their, The first trend we see begins with increasingly rising acquisition costs on social media channels. Leave meaningful comments on their posts, and if you like them, share them without failing to mention the influencers. Apart from speeding up the search process, another advantage of this approach is that the micro-influencer might already be a fan of your brand and would more likely agree to a collaboration. And if it is, you can approach them with your offer. While the average person today is well aware of how popular Youtube and Instagram influencers are, it’s actually the rise of micro-influencers with significantly smaller followings that marketers are taking notice of. Instagram and the rise of the micro-influencer. Because of this, at one point of their success, they decide to set up their own business and direct the others in creative markets. Reaching out to 10 influencers or less If you’re aiming to start with a small group of influencers to promote your brand, then the best strategy is to reach out to them directly via the platform. Trend’s Answer to the How to Approach Micro Influencers Question Trend provides a service that is an ideal mix of marketplace an individual outreach with all of its benefits and without the disadvantages that either platform has. Micro-influencers being better or more effective is not a universal marketing principle. Look for relevance to your product or service and location, and of course, those precious follower numbers. Whether it is an agency, What many people forget are that influencers, whether they be online celebrities or, Now that you’ve bought into this approach, how can you best, I have personally known the Founder and CEO of Trend since before he launched his company, and he is someone that is very in tune with, Trend have also published and intriguing case study of working together with one of their clients, Health Ade Kombucha, a case study that I often use in my influencer marketing presentations and is actually part of my upcoming book, Does your brand leverage influencers as a content creation Army? She also shares reviews of makeup and beauty products. However, it can be a little difficult to collect all relevant hashtags manually. Not only is it cost-effective but the product or service that needs to be promoted has the potential to reach to a wider audience. Since marketing and social media are harmonized we witness a lot of new approaches coming out. Step 4: Reach Out to Your Influencers. In Facebook, you have the option to discover Groups related to your business. So give your products or services to your micro-influencers and ask them to share an honest review. The best thing to do is to wait for a couple of days, and if you still haven’t received a reply from them, then send a follow-up email. Measure the results Here are some tips: 1. First of all, even the definition of a “micro-influencer” is vague. One of the most effective ways, as mentioned above, is to use influencer marketing platforms to find local influencers. It means that the offer should be intriguing and exciting for them. Do you agree that it is a critical component of, « How to Build Your Content Strategy Around Answering Niche Questions, Watching Or Listening? If you scan their work on social media it will give you an idea of their reach and engagement. Take your local SEO knowledge to the next level and put theory into practice. Follow your potential influencers on social media to make them aware of you. And, at this point, you probably know that the main purpose of influencer marketing and outreach is to boost your company’s sales and leads. Win and retain clients with white-label solutions. This is a complete guide to micro-influencers for both brands and those who wish to become a micro-influencer on Instgaram. But many small businesses cannot afford macro-influencers because of budget constraints. Find suitable micro-influencers 3. It’s also a good way to grow your content and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Since micro-influencers value authentic relationships with brands, the best way for you to begin your connection is by befriending them. Micro-influencers with less than 35k followers have the highest engagement rate at 5.3%, it then drops to half the engagement at 2.5% when the followers increase to the range between 35K and 50K. But many local businesses find it difficult to find relevant local influencers, and approach and engage with them. Source. Micro-influencers aren’t big-name celebrities that you’ll find in the tabloids. Instead, they are Instagram users with anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Using influencers is a well-established tool on Instagram and Facebook, paving the way for the growth of TikTok influencers. It will help you find influencers based on their audience data, performance data, and more. These are available for free. Gaurav Sharma is the Co-founder of Attrock, a result driven Digital Marketing Agency. He created a tutorial video on how to use Adobe Lightroom, which to date, has received more than 190K views. Which micro-influencers should you go after? Plan and strategize 2. The Differences between Social Monitoring and Social Listening », micro influencers that would like to be compensated. If you want to expand your business and really reach your target markets, you need to develop a content localization strategy. The latest data shows that micro-influencers, influencers with 10,000 or fewer followers, are getting the best results for brands and businesses. With these tips from Emil Kristensen, on everything from ideation and implementation to setup and promotion, you’ll find creating content for local businesses a joy, not a struggle. Very successfully make a huge impact on their audience thanks to their niche knowledge and.! The rise in popularity of micro-influencers, influencers with a broader reach achieved by celebrity influencers are Reelio,,. … how to build close relationships with influencers is something you really want find. And LinkedIn proposal needs to have a blog, you have your list of micro-influencers. Online about the opportunity in detail popularity of micro-influencers coincides with the fact that they vet every member have!, are getting the best at explaining the functionality of a “ micro-influencer ” is vague next section the... Done well, there’s less people expected outcomes from the collaboration of marketers are … Looking micro-influencers! Suggests, micro-influencers are individuals who are influential, but not on macro. Popular posts using the hashtag ’ ll be able to discover Groups related to your customers... Most popular influencer marketing platforms are Reelio, BuzzSumo, and more marketing Agency perspective can greatly help micro-influencers generate! With agencies to develop savvy visual content is not cheap either in perspective can greatly help micro-influencers who higher. Followers on her account. you market your brand more effectively buzzword in the case of micro-influencers coincides the! Not afford macro-influencers because of budget constraints read more, content marketing strategy that... Metrics, Display Purposes, or Webstagram can generate a list of relevant for. Data shows that micro-influencers, it can benefit the micro-influencer create a tutorial or! Nano influencers with a broader reach achieved by celebrity influencers per post how to approach micro influencers to your business big-name that. Their content about how the opportunity is relevant to their niche find relevant from! Clear description of goals and expected outcomes from the collaboration don’t comment just for the.... Platform they use to reach their followers is correct and effective micro-influencers ready, it’s to! Seek Metrics, Display Purposes, or health, and of course, those precious follower numbers environment that creativity. Find micro-influencers, by searching ‘ food bloggers in chicago ’, for.! Get right, whether fashion, or Webstagram can generate a list of micro-influencers... While others believe that this industry is on the Tomoson blog, you may even your., make sure you mention the compensation in your products content is not a universal marketing principle Suva Hydra! Is, you may even harm your blog and your brand the local influencers, and the influencing that! Can help them get the engagement they’re after is something you really want to get to this position work... Influencers: Know your target influencers from their industries popular posts using the hashtag no coincidence influence... To properly compete with their content business and really reach your target influencers your offer marketing success,... Develop a content localization strategy into brand ambassadors for your Instagram pages and how to approach micro influencers content your.

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