This document defines over 50 Compliance KPIs, including metric definitions for Internal Audit, Policy Enforcement, Risk Management and more.
The total number of Internal Audit & Compliance employees working for the company at a certain point in time. Download our KPIs and get your free course. data-x="['right','right','right','center']" data-hoffset="['0','0','0','0']" Compliance teams often use metrics and KPIs as risk-assessment tools and measurements of compliance success. The cost of the impact of a risk event (1-5 scale) multiplied by the probability of the occurrence of that event (1-5 scale). KPIs & Metrics to Measure and Manage Compliance Performance.

Closing the Loop on Compliance

Although KPI compliance can be incorporated into most aspects of a business, they most often apply in revenue generation, cost control, process improvement and customer satisfaction areas of a business.